Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer in the Sun, Here We Come

A busy last few weeks, but we're back.  Scott and I both were traveling for work last week -- Dallas for me, Denver for him. This weekend we kicked it closer to home exploring the Pearl's farmers market and the art museum in San Antonio with some friends. Now its time to make some fun in the sun plans that will keep the baking heat at bay, especially since it looks unlikely we'll be jetting over to Ethiopia anytime soon.

Last summer we spent most weekends figuring out how to dry wall our half finished apartment behind our house. This year's summer plans? more outdoor adventures. We've already begun playing with the idea of going camping in New Mexico for Memorial Day...so if anyone know of a good park in the mountains let me know.

Here's what's on my hit list. Let me know what I'm missing!
1. Swimming in Comal (all summer)
2. Camping in Marfa
3. Lavender Farm in Fredricksburg
4. Lakehouse with my sister's family
5. Seaworld -- can you believe that Scott's never been! really want to pet some sea creatures.
6. Kayaking the Guadalupe River
7. Footloose play at Zilker Park
8. Fishing somewhere...
9. Some 10K races..any suggestions?
10. Old movies at the Paramount (yes, it's not 'outdoors' but it's a summer must!)
11. Amy's ice cream
12. Rock Climbing in the Green Belt
13. Dancing at old dance halls like Coupland
14. Others???

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  1. Rock climbing in the green belt sounds amazing!